A Weird World is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fanfic written by Wouter Jaegers, adapted from his earlier Fan Comic by the same name and published at Fanfiction Net and the Technodrome Community on 12 January 2020.


Donatello and April O'Neil from "Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" enter a dimensional warp caused by Rise of the TMNT Leonardo's mystical sword, causing them to end up in Chinatown on the 2012–2017 Nickelodeon Cartoon Earth.

The trouble starts when Donnie tries to stand up and finds that he broke his leg in the fall from the warp and is in no shape to walk or fight. As April tries to call the other Turtles to retrieve them, a dead line is the first indication to her that the reality they ended up in is very much different from their own.

As the two of them weigh their options, some vengeful Purple Dragons who are VERY different from the Tech Club at April's High School show up, ready and willing to give our two castaways a warm welcome. Luckily the Purple Dragons aren't the only ones who noticed their arrival as Karai saw the entire thing from a nearby rooftop and quickly calls that reality's Turtles to help out.

After Turtles arrive and take on the Purple Dragons, April and Donnie are shocked how much different their own counterparts are.

How much weirder does it get?

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