Alopex is an artic fox mutant and enemy of the Turtles.


In the primary continuity Alopex is an artic fox mutant who works for the Shredder, and who may hold secrets of Turtles past.

TMNT/Gargoyles Crossover Continuity by CelgressEdit

Celgress TMNT/Gargoyles Universe

In this fanfiction continuity Alopex is mutated Janine Renard philanthropist heiress and only daughter of billionaire industrialist Halcyon Renard. Armaggon along with his henchmutants, Scale Tail & Killer Bee, abducted the sixteen year old genius university student Foster and Janine from the Manhattan Animal Behavioral Research Institute, when Armaggon was unable to successfully replicate the formula for mutagen on his own. Using what little mutagen he still possessed Armaggon transformed Foster into the humanoid cougar Manx while changing Janine Renard into the humanoid artic fox Alopex. Having little choice left in a world where nonhumans are increasingly hated and feared, Manx & Alopex joined Armaggon's gang of criminal mutants. Though the pair plan on betraying their nominal leader, and tormentor, when the time is right.