Armaggon is a

Armaggon in the distant future

cybernetic, shark mutant and enemy of the Turtles.


In the primary continuity little is known about the origins of Armaggon. He has formed temporary alliances with Shredder and Verminator-X. His overall goal is to conquer the world. His first appeared in Mighty Mutanimals #7, of Archie Comics, as a prelude to his story arc in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures; Future Shark Trilogy.

TMNT/Gargoyles Crossover Continuity by Celgress

Celgress TMNT/Gargoyles Universe

In this fanfiction continuity Armaggon is a mutated Vernon Fenwick. After the selling off the Channel Brand to Pack Media Studios, a division of TCRI Corp, following the destruction of the Channel Six Building Vernon Fenwick lost both his job and his sanity. Blaming the Turtles, April O'Neil and Irma Langinstein for his fall from grace Vernon sought out Shredder & Krang, Vernon volunteered to be transformed into their greatest mutant creation yet Armaggon!

Murder and Mayhem

Armaggon's first mission saw the cyborg, shark mutant abducting both April and Irma. Each young woman was tied to a massive bomb and placed at divergent points within the swerves. The bombs were set to explode simultaneously. When the Turtles, along with Mona Lisa & Casey Jones, divided into two teams freed April from her explosive device before the time ran out, Armaggon in retaliation remotely detonated the bomb Irma was still attached to killing her before the terrified eyes of our heroes.

Becoming disgruntled with Shredder & Krang's leadership and now nursing an intense hatred of humans, Armaggon soon struck out on his own. Later stealing a canister of mutagen from a TCRI warehouse Armaggon schemed to transform tens of thousands of New Yorkers into his mutant slaves. Araggon's plan was ultimately foiled when his would-be partner the confused, gargoyle, Brooklyn turned on Armaggon destroying most of the mutagen before it could be used. The debacle wasn't a total lose however as two blindly loyal mutants, because of the addition of a powerful mind control agent by Armaggon, were created by the mutagenic explosive: the humanoid cobra Scale Tail and the humanoid bee Killer Bee.

Attempts to create more mutants

Most recently Armaggon along with his new henchmutants, Scale Tail & Killer Bee, abducted the sixteen year old genius university student Foster Fenwick (the nephew of Vernon Fenwick) and philanthropist heiress Janine Renard from the Manhattan Animal Behavioral Research Institute. This was done because Armaggon was unable to successfully replicate the formula for mutagen on his own. Hoping Foster could succeeded where he had failed, and using what little mutagen he still possessed, Armaggon transformed Foster into the humanoid cougar Manx while changing Janine Renard into the humanoid artic fox Alopex. Having little choice left in a world where nonhumans are increasingly hated and feared, Manx & Alopex joined Armaggon's gang of criminal mutants.

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