Leonardo: Final Days is a fanfiction written by GrampBi.


This is it. This is it. The words ring around in everyone's heads. Especially Leonardo's. Leonardo is being led on a string of events that lead to the greatest battle he and his team will ever have with the Shredder. It's all out war between the TMNT and the Kraang.

Blood will be shed.

Warriors will be broken.

Victory will be claimed.

The final battle between the Shredder and the TMNT.






Leonardo- The main character of the story. He has a baby son born to him only a few years ago.

Akira- Leonardo's wife, whom he married long ago.

Baby- Leonardo and Akira's turtle son, who should be 4 years old, and is supposed to be only two months from becoming 4 years old, and is technically still a newborn. (Note: On the Turtleoid planet, babies remain the same until age 10 1/2, where they still can't walk on two legs, their hands haven't even begun to form because they're still feet, they can't talk, and don't grow in size).

Donatello- Leonardo's 2nd oldest (yet 3rd tallest) brother, who is thinking of getting married to Venus de Milo.

Venus de Milo- Donatello's fiancee, who is stressing over how to care for a baby in case she has one and over marriage.

Raphael- Leonardo's 3rd oldest (yet 2nd tallest) brother. He has been quarrelling with Mona Lisa over marriage issues.

Mona Lisa- Raphael's yet to be wife, who is  currently quarreling with her future husband over marriage.

Michelangelo- The youngest brother of the TMNT, who hasn't been doing anything recently.

Hikari- Michelangelo's future wife.

Splinter. The father and father-in-law of the TMNT and Akira, and the grandfather of Leo's baby.

Shredder- The main enemy of the TMNT, who is the baby's kidnapper and predator, along with being Leo and Splinter's arch rival.

Kraang- Alien invaders from Dimension X that are developing duplication strategies.

Foot Soldiers- The rather mute henchmen of a mysterious ninja clan.


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