John Canmore in his PFN-SOR commander costume.


Karai Canmore in her PFN-SOR costume.


A typical costume of a PFN-SOR member. Note the circle of thorns which is the symbol of the group.


Celgress TMNT/Gargoyles Universe

The Soldiers of Restoration are a group of villains in the TMNT/Gargoyles Crossover fanfiction continuity by Celgress. The Soldiers of Restoration are the armed paramilitary wing of the hate group People for Normalcy. Their goal is the complete removal, by any means necessary, of all nonhumans from NYC and eventually planet Earth. Prominent members include John and Karai Canmore (nee Saki) the nominal leaders of the group.


People for Normalcy was founded by controversial talk show host Clayton Kellerman in response to a major upsurge in anti-nonhuman hysteria following the the attack on Fortress-1 by Shredder and his Steel Clan Robots, an attack for which the Manhattan Clan of Gargoyles was framed. The armed wing of People for Normalcy's the Soldiers of Restoration were created following the abduction, and assumed murder, of billionaire heiress Janine Renard and genius university student Foster Fenwick by a gang of renegade mutants lead by Armaggon. The first act of the group was violent murder of local merchant, and mentor of Usagi Yojimbo, Obento. A crime which Usagi Yojimbo and the young gargoyle, and surrogate sister of Hamato Yoshi, Datura were framed. Usagi Yojimbo and Datura were put on trial live on TV by PFR-SOR, if not for the invention of the TMNT Family, the Manhattan Clan of Gargoyles and their allies the two would no doubt have been publically executed.

TMNT/Gargoyles Circle of Thorns

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