TMNT:Birth is a fanfiction written by GrampBi.


This is my reimagining of the way the TMNT were born, and the events predating their mutation.


Baby Leonardo- The oldest baby who escaped the nest first. He is also the most unfortunate, as he suffers through the most seagulls and crabs.

Baby Donatello- The 2nd oldest and the only turtle created in the womb that actually was a twIn of Mikey, which is why they share the same head shape.

Baby Raphael- The 3rd oldest, who became a grouch (not as a baby or child; as a teen when he remembered this) because of the way he was handled.

Baby Michelangelo- The runt and the youngest of the litter who suffered a major blow to his head shortly after birth.

The mother- The mother of the babies.

The father- The father of the babies.

Dead babies- The 47 baby turtles that died. 33 babies hatched too early, and were disoriented and died as a result: 3 were stillborn; 11 hatched during the sunrise and cut their yolk sacs on the ground and died.

The other babies- 1,519 baby turtles (933 baby boys and 539 girls) that are blood relatives to the TMNT.

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