TMNT: We Are Shadows is an ameture fanfilm script written by Zarius in late-2012 and early 2013, and published in novelized form at Fanfiction Net on 29 March 2013. The idea occured to him after reading the leaked script for Micheal Bay's own TMNT movie project, which featured the turtles rebooted as extraterrestrials but was later abolished. He began uploading multiple samples from the script on the forums.

The script takes a few liberties with the established TMNT mythos, whilst trying to stay reletivly close to the feel and tone of previous movies and at times the original comics, though it is not be as dark or as violent.

The script is projected for a release on Deviantart.


"Magic Monday" is the day a city-renowned building meets it's final curtain call....but what will cause it's downfall? What has been at the center of so many recent demolition jobs, ones that involve no explosives? Journalist April O'Neil is determined to uncover the truth, but as she peers into the rabbit hole, she, her good friend Irma Langestien, and April's boyfriend Casey Jones are swept into an altogether more sinister, warped version of wonderland. Saved from near-death by four strange creatures highly skilled in an ancient art of combat yet heavily influenced by the modern world and the odd hormone or two, April and Casey embark on a wondrous journey, discovering a secret lair beneath the streets, bonding with new friends, and uncovering another wild and eccentric world that must stay hidden. To most of contemporary civilisation, they are shadows, to others, they are guardian angels, to others like the ruthless Saki and his underlings, they are a target. For April and Casey, they're just too weird for words.

They are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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