TMNT Zero Hour Cover V2

An updated version of the Zero Hour poster, with the Green Samurai Ranger/ShinkenGreen next to 2012 Mikey, and under 2007 Mikey.

TMNT: Zero Hour
is a TMNT fanfiction written by GrampBi

Leonardo as Turtle Legend II

Leonardo in his morphed form, Turtle Legend, the embodiment of all Ninja Turtles in exisitence.

Donatello as Dark Turtle

Donatello, in his morphed form, as the Dark Turtle, from the Season 7 episode "Night of the Dark Turtle".

Raphael as Green Laser II

Raphael, in his morphed form, as an edited Green Laser from the BTTS episode "Super Power Struggle".

Michelangelo as Turtle Titan II

Michelangelo, in his morphed form, as Turtle Titan II, from the 2003 Season 1 episode "Turtle Titan".



The Turtles are faced with both the end of their lives, and their greatest challenge yet when Shredder has been joined with every televised Shredder and their Foot Clan/Krang armies, along with dozens of Power Rangers villains, to destroy New York! The Turtles are forced to gather the 40 televised Ninja Turtles and the allies Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, and the Samurai Sentai Shinkenger! Along with the new team, the 4 regular TMNT get their own special powers similar to the Super Sentai/Power Rangers! But, along with the new team and powers comes a predicted sacrifice, which will come true, that demands a hero will give up his/her life for the Earth's on a confrontation over a plateau (if you want to know what I'm talking about, this video should give you an idea of the setting: ). Will the Turtles be able to prevent the sacrifice, and save New York? Or will this be the beginning of the fall of the heroes?

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