"TMNT" is the first film in the TMNT Film Series.


Johnny Simmons as Leonardo

Adam Gregory as Raphael

Thomas Mann as Donatello

Jack Quaid as Michaelangelo

John Turturro as Master Splinter

Holland Roden as April O'Neil

Steven R. McQueen as Casey Jones

Ken Watanabe as Oroku Saki/The Shredder

Jamie Chung as Karai

Wesley Snipes as Professor Baxter Stockman

Terry Crews as Bebop

Dave Batista as Rocksteady

Colton Haynes as Sid Jones

Dustin Nguyen as Hamato Yoshi

Yuji Okumoto as Oroku Nagi

Lucy Liu as Tang Shen

Mark Strong as Kirby O'Neil

Amy Yasbeck as Elizabeth O'Neil

Hayley Kiyoko as Irma Langinstein

Hugh Jackman as Arnold Jones

Julianne Moore as Ellen Jones

Peter Laird as Coach


In Feudal Japan 1800 A.D., an ancient clan of warriors known as the Foot Clan rule the land. One warrior, Hamato Yoshi acts as the leader, Oroku Nagi's second-in-command. One day, the Foot Clan invade and ravage a peaceful village. As villagers run screaming, the Foot Clan warriors attack and capture innocent women and children, while killing most of the men. Later, the Foot Clan has the villagers held hostage, with Oroku and Hamato interrogating several innocent villagers about the "mystical element" that they've been hunting. One of the villagers though angrily refuses to tell them anything, so Nagi draws his blades and begins torturing the villager by slicing him, much to Hamato's horror. Hamato stops Oroku from continuing to torture him and confronts him about it, but Nagi though tells him that he's simply doing what he must to keep the clan's honor and that they must find the "element" so that they can rule over the nation. Hamato though argues that the mystical element is a myth and tries to convince him to give up their search, but Nagi threatens him with his blades for disobedience, causing Hamato to back down as he realizes that this clan has lost its honor. Thhat night, while scouting the border with some fellow warriors, Hamato knocks them unconscious with some poisoned shuriken and deserts the clan. Once he arrives at his home, Hamato wakes up his family and warns his wife, Tang Shen and their 4 sons that they must flee. Tang though asks him about what's going on, but Hamato simply tells her that he cannot stand with the Foot Clan anymore and that Nagi will be coming for them. Meanwhile, one of the warriors finds the poisoned warriors and reports to Oroku Nagi that Hamato has deserted his post. Oroku though furiously kills the warrior with his blades, before he then realizes that this is the perfect opportunity to get rid of Hamato, who betrayed him by stealing his love, Tang Shen from him. At their home, Hamato, Tang Shen and 2 of their sons continue packing their bags while their other 2 sons prepare their carriage. Suddenly, Oroku Nagi and his warriors surround the home and stealthily invade their home. Hamato reminds his sons about what he taught them before he and his 4 sons start fighting some of the warriors. Tang Shen tries to flee, but Oroku confronts her. Tang though attacks Oroku and manages to hold her own, until Oroku uses his blades and severely wounds her as he curses her name for betraying him. Hamato and his sons witness Oroku attacking Tang Shen. Hamato then angrily attacks Oroku with his sword and manages to slice his blades off and knock him through a wall. Hamato then rushes to his wife's side. As she lays there dying, Tang Shen begs her husband to get their sons to safety, which he tearfully promises. Tang Shen then tells her that she loves him before she dies in his arms. Hamato's sons then finish off the warriors and rush to their father's side, where they all mourn their mother. Hamato though tells his sons that there's no time to dwell and that they must leave immediately. The eldest son though tells Hamato that the carriage is packed up. Hamato then tells them that they must leave and quickly head to their horse-drawn carriage, with Hamato driving the cart as they take off. Suddenly, Foot Clan warriors on horses arrive and start chasing after the cart, firing arrows at them. Hamato tries to avoid them, but one of their arrows hits a wheel, breaking it off, before another arrow strikes the horse, causing their cart to crash. The Foot Clan quickly surrounds the injured Hamato and his children and capture them. Oroku Nagi then arrives, gloating over his victory and Hamato's betrayal. Hamato though insists that Oroku betrayed the clan long ago. Oroku though angrily yells at Hamato that he stole Tang Shen from him, but Hamato tells him that he drove her way with his anger and darkness, causing Nagi to punch him in the face. Oroku then turns to his sons and tells Hamato that he will pay for his betrayal with the blood of his kin. Hamato angrily threatens Oroku for approaching his kids, but he's quickly restrained by some warriors. Oroku then takes Hamato's sword and brutally slashes his eldest son, killing him, much to Hamato's horror as he tearfully begs Oroku to spare them. Oroku then impales the youngest son with his sword, causing Hamato to angrily curse Oroku's name as he threatens to kill him. Oroku then slits the second eldest son's throat before slashing his remaining son, quickly killing him. Oroku then approaches Hamato and wipes the blood of his children from his blade onto Hamato's face. Oroku then prepares to kill him and raises his sword. Hamato though vows to Oroku that one day, their descendants will avenge their deaths. Oroku then kills Hamato, slicing his head off. He then orders his men to prepare a funeral pyre. Later, as Hamato, Tang Shen and their sons' bodies burn in the flames, Oroku announces to his clan that this is an example of anyone who wishes to leave the clan or oppose him. He then vows to his clan that they will find this "mystical element" and rule this nation, causing his men to cheer.

In New York, 2017, Hamato is reincarnated as a rat while his 4 sons are reincarnated as baby turtles. At StockGen Labs, Dr. Baxter Stockman, the CEO of the company, begins the tests of an experimental mutagen on the rat and turtles, his test subjects. After successfully injecting them, the mutagen quickly starts taking effect, causing the rat and the turtles to slowly grow a bit bigger. His intern, April O'Neil praises her mentor, but asks about the experiments and how he obtained the mutagen, but Dr. Stockman refuses to tell her anything about the project and tells her that it's for a potential benefactor, who provided the mutagen, causing April to become suspicious. That night, April returns home to her parents, Kirby and Elizabeth as they ask her about her day, so she tells them about her day at work, but tells them that her boss's experiments prove sketchy. Her father, Kirby though insists that Dr. Stockman is simply protecting his research and that his benefactor is likely "some millionaire with lots of money to spare." Elizabeth then tells them that she's finished making dinner as April and her family sit down to enjoy their dinner. Later, in her room, April talks to her friend, Irma Langinstein on the phone and tells her about the mysterious experiments that her boss is performing on lab animals. Irma, who's an animal testing protestor, tells her that she needs to investigate and find out more, but April is reluctant, due to her not wanting to lose her job and being dangerous. Meanwhile, on the north end of town, a young man named Casey Jones is at hockey practice, playing as the goalie. He then becomes angry when his cousin, Sid Jones, scores a goal, causing the 2 of them to argue, resulting in Casey angrily attacking Sid. Casey manages to give Sid a black eye when his teammates restrain him and Casey's coach angrily berates him for his petty rivalry with his cousin and kicks him off of the team. On his way home, Casey tosses most of his hockey equipment in a dumpster, but keeps his hockey mask and stick. Casey then heads home to his father's store, Jones Hardware, where he tells his parents about him getting kicked off the team. Arnold, Casey's father, then starts angrily berating Casey for not being able to control his temper, but Casey tells him that he doesn't need that team and that he was going to quit anyways and then storms off to his room. At StockGen, Baxter goes to his office and is surprised to find ninjas waiting for him. The leader, Karai demands a progress report on the experiments and the test subjects. Baxter tells her that the experiment is going slower than he expected due to the subjects developing at a slow rate and that he needs more time, but Karai tells her that her leader, the Shredder expects results immediately and that they'll be hearing from them very soon.

The next day, April goes to work, but when she leaves for her lunch break, she immediately heads towards the testing area and tries to find out who the benefactor of the experiment is, but can only find the name, "Foot Clan" on the file. Before she can learn more, she gets caught by Baxter, but she lies and tells him that she was looking for her progress report and wanted to see the score he gave her. Baxter though tells her that he hasn't finished her progress report and will give her a score very soon and then escorts her out of the area. Later, she does research on the name Foot Clan and finds out that they're an ancient ninja clan from 3,000 years ago and even finds recent police reports about stolen lab equipment and weapons shipments, with the only traces the police have are shuriken weapons and a torn cloth with the Foot Clan symbol on it, but the police are unable to find a lead on the Foot Clan, due to them operating from the shadows. April then calls Irma and tells her that she managed to find out that her boss is experimenting on animals for the Foot Clan, which Irma has heard of from news reports and suggests that they break in there to rescue the animals. April is reluctant, but Irma convinces her to sneak out that night to help her. April then tells her parents that she's going over to Irma's house to study and meets with Irma in an alleyway. April then uses her security clearance to get her and Irma into StockGen as they quietly make their way through the building. Irma though sneaks off to Baxter's lab and smashes all of his equipment, while April goes to the testing area and frees the test subjects, but is shocked to find out that they're now mutated to the size of human infants. She then quickly smuggles them into her backpack and meets up with Irma, who sets off the security alarm, alerting the security guards to their presence. Baxter Stockman immediately heads to his lab and finds it trashed, along with all of his research files wiped from the hardrive. He then tries to access security footage to find out the intruders, but is unable to pull up anything, due to the mutant turtles smashing the security cameras.

Outside, April and Irma continue running from the security guards, but April drops her backpack on a nearby sewer grate, which Irma forces her to leave behind as they quickly hide in a nearby cafe. Meanwhile, on the north side of town, Casey is working when his dad turns on the TV to a local news report about a gang called the Purple Dragons terrorizing the neighborhood. Suddenly, a couple of Purple Dragon thugs enter the store and confront Arnold, telling him that since this neighborhood now belongs to the Purple Dragons, all local business owners must pay a "protection fee." Casey objects to this, but Arnold tries to reason with them and tells them that he doesn't have the money to pay them anything and then says that he refuses to pay them for anything. The Purple Dragons then try to attack Arnold, but Casey quickly beats them. The Purple Dragon goons though say that they'll be back and they'll be hearing from their bosses, Bebop and Rocksteady and then run out of the store. Casey then warns his dad about the Purple Dragons returning and tells him that they should move, leave town for a few weeks, but Arnold angrily punches Casey and tells him that a Jones never gives in and that they're staying right where they are. The next day, Baxter goes to his office and is horrified to find Karai and the Shredder waiting in his office for him. Shredder then demands him to tell them about the break-in last night, along with his progress on the test subjects. Baxter though reluctantly tells him that the intruders from last night destroyed his lab and his research and have taken the test subjects, causing Shredder to angrily slice off Baxter's hand. Baxter then tells him that he will have to start all of the experiments again from scratch and find all new animal test subjects, since the StockGen board won't be able to provide him enough funding to find new ones and more samples of the mutagen that the Foot Clan have provided for him. Karai then suggests that they use human subjects this time, but Baxter tells them that he can't because it's illegal and if the board finds out, he'll lose his company. Shredder though tells him that if he doesn't have results by the end of the month, he'll lose more than just his company.

A month later, April continues working for StockGen, while Baxter Stockman, with a new robotic prosthetic hand, continues running the experiments, but is unable to find suitable test subjects that can survive the mutation process and is running low on mutagen samples that the Foot Clan provide him from a mysterious, off-shore company called "TCRI." Baxter finally manages to find some recovered security footage from the night of the break-in, but he catches a glimpse of April's yellow jacket on the screen, making him suspicious. Meanwhile, at Casey's apartment, Casey works on a punching bag in his room, when Arnold gets an intruder alert from the store, causing him, Casey, and his wife to storm downstairs into the store, where Bebop and Rocksteady, along with some Purple Dragons goons, walk into the store and start trashing it. Bebop and Rocksteady then immediately demand to speak to Arnold and tell him that they're here to collect the protection fee he still owes them, but Arnold tells him that he's not paying them anything and won't be intimidated by them and then moves to call the police, but Rocksteady quickly smashes all of the phones and cuts all of the phone lines, while Bebop reminds him that the Purple Dragons own this neighborhood. Casey then attacks the goons, but they manage to restrain him as Bebop steps up to Arnold, but Arnold punches him in the face, starting a fight between them. Arnold though puts up a good fight until Rocksteady joins in the fight and the 2 of them start viciously beating him. Mrs. Jones then starts screaming in terror, causing Bebop to shoot her in the arm to quiet her, while Rocksteady gives Arnold another chance to pay up, but Arnold just spits blood in his face, causing Rocksteady to snap his neck, killing him. A furious Casey watches and starts viciously beating the goons before attacking Bebop and Rocksteady, putting up a good fight, until Rocksteady restrains him and Bebop starts viciously beating him. Casey though manages to break Rocksteady's nose and stabs Bebop in the arm with a shard of glass. Bebop and Rocksteady then hear the sounds of police sirens, causing them to quickly retreat with the rest of their gang, leaving the store in pieces as Casey collapses from his injuries.

At StockGen, Baxter tries to ask April about the missing 5 test subjects, but April denies knowing anything and says goodnight and leaves. Baxter though sends a few Foot ninjas to follow her and find out what she knows. In the subway tunnel, April is about to get on the subway when she's suddenly attacked by the Foot Ninjas. Suddenly, the lights flicker as 4 mysterious shadowy figures quickly dispatch the ninjas and disappear into the night, leaving behind only a shuriken as evidence, which April takes with her. When she gets home, she immediately calls Irma and tells her that she was just attacked by ninjas in the subway and thinks that Professor Stockman must know she freed the subjects. At the hospital, Casey wakes up and finds his mom, wearing a cast on her arm, sitting by his bedside. The doctor then tells Casey that he suffered from a fractured wrist, broken ribcage, and a few missing teeth, but assures him that he should be fine and will be out of the hospital in 2 weeks with rest. That night, while his mother sleeps, Casey vows revenge on the Purple Dragons. Meanwhile, at her apartment, April does some research on recent heroic acts throughout the city by mysterious ninjas, but is unable to find anything about them. The next day, April reluctantly attends her job at StockGen, acting normally. In his office, Baxter communicates with Karai over a video chat, where he tells her that the ninjas he sent after April were defeated and arrested by the police. Karai though reveals that there has reports across the city of some "interference" by some trained ninja warriors, but they don't have any idea who they are. Baxter then asks about the shipment, but Karai tells him that the new shipment of Foot weapons and mutagen will be delivered to the docks tonight. Outside his office, April listens in until she walks in and asks for the rest of the day off, claiming she isn't feeling well. Baxter immediately hangs up on Karai and excuses April for the day, wishing her "well." That night, April calls Irma and tells her about the Foot Clan shipment tonight, but Irma tells her that she's busy protesting the new animal vet clinic. April decides to go alone and brings her phone along to film it. At the docks, she sneaks in and hides behind some crates as she sees Karai and Baxter overlooking the shipment, with the Foot ninjas carrying it out.

As the ninjas load the weapons and equipment into their vehicles, when suddenly, they're attacked by the shadowy ninjas, who quickly take down the ninjas and destroy their shipments, forcing Karai and Baxter to retreat. April films the entire thing behind the crates, but is unable to see the shadowy ninjas' faces. She spots them heading to the rooftops and follows after them. On the rooftop, the ninjas, which turn out to be giant turtles, start cheering about their victory. The blue bandana ninja though spots April filming them and drags her from her hiding place, where the ninjas confront her. April though is in shock at the giant, talking turtles and starts screaming, until one of them makes her be quiet. The purple bandana ninja then grabs her phone and manages to hack it to delete the video and photos of them. April starts asking them what they are, but the turtles refuse to tell her anything, except for that they're "teenage mutant ninja turtles." They then set off, leaving April alone on the rooftop. April then suddenly remembers the 4 turtles that StockGen was experimenting on that she released. The turtles, Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michaelangelo, then retreat into the sewers, where they arrive at their sewer lair, but they try not to wake up Master Splinter. Mikey then accidentally kicks a soda can, waking up Splinter, who confronts them about where they went. Mikey, Raph, and Donnie though lie about where they went, until Splinter confronts Leo, who decides to tell him the truth, much to his brother's dismay. When Leo tells him about the girl they saw, April O'Neil, Splinter recognizes her name and face. He then tells the turtles that they must return to the surface and bring April to their lair before it's too late. Meanwhile, Casey and his mother return home from the hospital, where they mourn Arnold's death and Casey comforts his mother. He then promises to take care of her and make sure that Arnold's death is avenged. The next day, while walking to work, April tries to call Irma to tell her about what happened last night.

She then hears a noise in a nearby alleyway and walks down the alley to investigate. Suddenly, she finds herself surrounded by the turtles, who tell her that they need her to come with them and then leads her into the sewers. In the sewers, the turtles take April to their lair, where she meets Splinter. Raph then asks Splinter why he wanted to see April, but Splinter tells them that April was the one that saved them from the laboratory. He then tells the turtles, who don't remember the lab, that they were all test subjects at StockGen, where they were experimented on with a strange ooze, until April broke into the lab and rescued them, but they ended up down in the sewers. Splinter then tells them that the ooze began to mutate him, transforming him into a humanoid rat and the ooze also mutated the 4 turtles as well, but at a much slower rate. Splinter tells them that after a day, the turtles were the size of human infants, after a week, they were the size of human children, but after 2 weeks, they were the size of human teenagers. Splinter then explains that he decided to take care of the young turtles and even gave them names based off of renaissance artists from a book he found in the sewers. April though asks Splinter about his name, which Splinter tells her is the name that the turtles called him because of his chipped ear. An astonished April then asks about the ninjitsu they use, but Splinter explains that the martial arts came natural to them, like basic instincts that were triggered by excitement, fear, or stress, but Splinter trained them to harness their abilities and trained them to use their signature weapons, such as the twin katanas for Leo, sais for Raph, bo staff for Donnie, and nunchuks for Mikey. Splinter though tells her that he sometimes gets visions of a man in feudal Japan from thousands of years ago, but he has yet to figure out what it means. Back at the Jones's apartment, Casey watches a new report about the Purple Dragons while working a punching bag. He then punches the bag until the sand starts pouring out of it. Casey then looks over at his old hockey mask and stick and tries practicing his stick. Casey then goes to get a drink from the fridge and sadly finds his mom sobbing in the living room. As he walks back to his room, Casey walks into his father's study, where he looks at all of the old photos of him and Arnold. He then looks inside his closet and finds his father's old sports equipment from his youth, including golf clubs, baseball bats, cricket bats, golf bag, etc, which gives Casey an idea. At the lair, April tries to process everything as the turtles decide to show her around the lair. Raphael though objects to them showing her their personal hideout and points out that they barely even know her. Leonardo tries to calm Raph down, but Raph becomes angrier, causing Leo and Raph to argue. Splinter though breaks up the argument and tries to lecture Raph about his anger, but Raphael refuses to listen and storms off.

April asks about Raph, but Leo tells her that Raph has always had a fiery temper. Back across town, Casey fills his golf bag with sports equipment, including his hockey stick, and dons his hockey mask and sets off into the city. Casey searches the city and finds a Purple Dragon thug spray-painting graffiti on a building and Casey attacks him, demanding that he take him to his bosses. Suddenly, several Purple Dragon thugs appear and surround Casey. Meanwhile, Raph, wearing a trenchcoat and hat, walks through the city, complaining about Leo and his bossiness and how they're exposing themselves to a stranger. He then finds hears noises and goes to investigate, where he find Casey mercilessly beating the Purple Dragon thugs, with Casey demanding to know where Bebop and Rocksteady are. As Casey is about to beat the last thug with his hockey stick, Raph intervenes and stops Casey, telling him that he's going to kill them. Casey though tells Raph to stay out of his situation and leave him alone, but Raph tells him that he doesn't need another psycho vigilante in town and tells him to stop. Casey though attacks Raph, but Raph easily deflects his attacks. The 2 of them then begin to fight, with Casey tearing off Raph's trenchcoat, exposing himself to Casey. Casey though is shocked that he's fighting a giant "frog", but Raph corrects him and manages to angrily beat Casey and almost kills him, but then stops when he realizes what he's doing. Raph then leaves, leaving a confused Casey in the alleyway. Back at the lair, April asks Leo, Donnie, and Mikey about the Foot Clan, but Donnie tells her that they've been tracking the Foot Clan's movements for weeks, but haven't found any clues, other than the shipments of lab equipment, mutagen, and weapons. April though tells the Turtles that she overheard Stockman talking with Shredder, telling him that he'll need new subjects for his experiments and that the Foot Clan's experiments is being performed by StockGen. Raph then arrives and apologizes as Splinter forgives him. Leo though tells Splinter that April found a connection between StockGen and Foot Clan, so Splinter decides to send them to Stockgen to investigate and assigns Leo as the field leader, much to Raph's disapproval.

At StockGen, Baxter Stockman continues checking the results of the latest test subjects and finds out that all of the lab rats were horribly mutated or dead from their exposure to the mutagen, much to Stockman's dismay. As Stockman discards the mutated test subjects, the lights go off and when they come back on, Karai and some Foot ninjas appear. When Karai demands an update on the experiment test subjects, Stockman reluctantly tells her that the experiments have failed and all of the test subjects over the past month have all resulted in failures. Karai then tells her that her father, the Shredder will not be happy about his report and tells him that he'll have no choice but to use the human test subjects that she suggested. On the rooftop, Leo, Raph, Don, and Mikey leap from rooftop to rooftop until they arrive at StockGen. Donnie uses his newest invention, the T-Phone to hack into StockGen's network and shuts off all of the security cameras and electricity. The turtles then break into the building through the main lobby and use the shadows to their advantage as they take out all of the security guards. In his lab, Stockman argues that, even if the board agreed to undergo human trials, the time and process to find proper, willing test subjects could take months, but Karai reminds Stockman that he made a deal with Shredder and will uphold his end of the bargain as long as he delivers his end on time. Suddenly, the electricity in the building goes out, much to Stockman and Karai's confusion. Karai then orders her Foot ninjas to scout the building for intruders and then orders Stockman to stay in his lab. On the first floor, the turtles manage to get onto the elevator and Donnie downloads the building's blueprints to his T-Phone and tells his brothers that Stockman's office is on the 9th floor, but Mikey accidentally pushes all of the elevator buttons, causing the elevator to go up all of the floors. As Karai and the ninjas scour the building, Karai stops when she hears the elevator moving. She then becomes surprised when the elevator arrives on their floor, exposing the Turtles to Karai and the Foot ninjas. Karai then orders her ninjas to follow them and stop the elevator. The ninjas then descend into the elevator shaft and attack the Turtles. While Donnie tries to hack the elevator to make it go up to the 9th floor, Leo, Raph, and Mikey hold off the ninjas. During the battle, Mikey tells Raph that he has some ideas for a catchphrase and shouts, "Cowabunga!" Raph though points out that Cowabunga sounds like "an outdated 90s phrase." Mikey then suggests "Booyakasha," which Raph points out, "sounds like he's sneezing." As she opens up a door to the elevator shaft, she uses her sword to cut the elevator cable, causing the elevator car to star falling down the shaft. The Turtles though manage to escape from the elevator car before it crashes to the bottom, with Mikey holding onto the side with his nunchuks and the others holding onto him. Raph then uses his strength to open up a nearby elevator door and the Turtles exit on the 6th floor. Leo then orders the Turtles that they must stick together and use the stairs, but Raph brushes off his order and runs off on his own, followed by Donnie and Mikey, much to Leo's dismay as he runs after them. On the 9th floor, Stockman tries to escape, but Karai stops him and tells him that Shredder expects him to perfect the mutagen process to create super-soldiers.

The Turtles then arrive at the 9th floor, where they confront Stockman, Karai, and the Foot ninjas. Karai is shocked to see that the intruders are giant turtles, while Stockman stares in awe as he realizes that they're the test subjects that escaped. Karai then orders her men to kill the Turtles, but Stockman objects and tells her that those were the original test subjects and would like to keep them alive so he could experiment and dissect them. The Turtles though attack the ninjas, with Raph, Donnie, and Mikey holding off the ninjas, while Leo goes after Stockman, but is intercepted by Karai. Leo and Karai then duel, with their skills proving to be evenly-matched. Leo though comments that Karai is "cute," but Karai brushes it off and continues fighting. Leo though uses a nearby stapler to distract Karai as he pins her under some desks. The Turtles then confront Stockman, who tells them that they're his test subjects and that he created them, making him their "father." Leo though confronts Stockman about the experiments he's performing for the Foot Clan and asks who he works for, but Stockman objects. Raph though pins him to the wall and threatens to cut off his other hand, so Stockman utters the word, "Shredder." Suddenly, the Turtles hear police sirens and they look out the window to see police cars surrounding the building. Raph then knocks Stockman unconscious, while Donnie manages to steal a sample of the mutagen. Karai manages to get free, but is too late as the Turtles have already escaped. Karai then orders her men to retreat and disappears into the shadows.

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