Foot Clan 2

The Foot Clan

The Foot Clan
 is under the control of Shredder, who travels to New York upon learning that Master Splinter had survived the battle that killed Yoshi's wife, and left Shredder's face partially scarred. Believing Yoshi is training his own ninja clan, Shredder sends his Foot Soldiers, (which closely resemble those from the live action films), to find and kill the Turtles. They are commanded in the field by Rocksteady (the mutated version of Greg Gronger), Bebop (the mutated version of J.J Calestian who is formerly known as the Foot Boss). The Foot clan is a Ninja clan that also works as The most Feared Terrorist Organization.


The Foot was founded by Oroko Saki as his Terrorist Organization to rule the world as his own. they caused crimes and used the Forbidden Art to rob and destory cities.

Known MembersEdit

Supreme Leader

  • Oroku Saki/The Shredder - Supreme Leader and Founder

Major MembersEdit

  • J.J Calestian/Bebop - Favored Student (Formerly Called the Foot Boss)
  • Greg Grongor/Rocksteady - Student
  • Oroku Karai - Adoptive Daughter, Second in Command
  • Preston Valakz/Rahzar - Agent
  • Tetzu/Wolfclaw - Warlord
  • Marco Bandiez/Ravenface - Agent
  • Joey Marccus/Crabypants - Agent
  • Baxter Stockman - Head Scientist


  • Foot Soldiers - Elite Troopers
  • Kraang - Allied Forces