Leonardo was running around the rooftops and he meet something in the ally way a female fighting the purple dragons in there turf

how bout u come guilty and we let ur puppy dog friend go fong said strikley

  • growls * no now give my sister or i bit fong ashley wolf son said in a diffident tone
  • after a few minutes the were wolf leader had relaxed and gave in but had a diffident ideas.How bout instead of holldinng a lit til pup hostel we could play a game and later said the young teen wolf son
  • oh yeah what bout this game the man that was skinny as fong said to ashley. It's called hide , hide and attack the teen wolf had said and the purple goons backed and ran off
  • u alright morrgion ? Ashley had asked her sister . yes i am fine big sister moggion had said a few moments later
  • sorry guys if its a little short) this was tmnt Leonardo lover sighing out )