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Two Turtles:The History of Raphael and Spike's Friendship 
is a fan fiction written by GrampBi.


Taking place in the same continuity as TMNT:Baby, this story goes back before the baby was born, before Akira and Hikari came into the lives of the TMNT, and when Shredder was only beginning as a threat, where the TMNT are 15. Instead of focusing on Leonardo, this story focuses on Raphael, who is becoming lonely from his brothers leaving him every evening to patrol New York since he isn't ready. His loneliness is about to overcome him when he finds a newborn baby turtle far in the sewers. This changes their lives forever. But what no one in his "new family" knows about the secret about him;The two events that compose his secret destroyed the little baby's happiness and trusting nature, and replaced those feelings with mortal terror. This story also chronicles the history of the duo's troubled but everlasting friendship.



Leonardo- The leader and oldest of the TMNT. Although he is the focus of other stories, Raphael is the main focus of the story.

Raphael-The hothead and 3rd youngest of the TMNT.He becomes a father and protector of baby Spike after he finds him in the sewers.

Spike- The youngest of the TMNT family. He is the baby turtle that is forced into custody by Raphael, who he is partially afraid of.

Main but SupportingEdit

Donatello- The genius and 2nd youngest of the TMNT. He and Mikey get involved in Spike's life as well.

Michelangelo- The "life of the party" type of person (or turtle) and the youngest of the TMNT, but the 4th youngest in the family. He and Donnie get involved in Spike's life.

April O'Neal- The friend of the TMNT family. She becomes a motherly figure toward the baby turtle.

Splinter- The sensei of the TMNT and oldest in the TMNT family. He also gets involved in baby Spike's life.


There are two sets of minor characters, one full of protagonists, and the other with antagonists. They will not be revealed until their chapter debuts (the protagonists will be revealed in chapter 2, and the antagonists until chapter 11.)


Shredder- The main enemy of the TMNT and Leo's arch nemesis.

Chris Bradford- Shredder's star pupil. He is also Mikey's main enemy.

Krang- Shredder's "right hand man". (This is the 1987 Krang)

Rat King (1987)- The self proclaimed "King of the Sewers", who was forced out of the sewers by the TMNT.


Two Turtles:

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